By Jeanette Borges


The American people are very aware of the financial mess we the people are in. We should be; we are the one’s paying for the fiscal recklessness and corruption of our government. Oligarch CORPORATE media, everyone in Congress and the President are all talking about the trillions of dollars in debt. They are all talking about deficit spending and living within our means. They all say we have to get “spending under control” now that the masses, especially the Tea Party, have shown their disgust with the whole mess.

Yes, they are all talking about it, but what exactly are they saying? Have you noticed the messaging by oligarch CORPORATE media and politicians? Oligarch CORPORATE media has taken up a marketing campaign to tell us all, we the people, what the problem is and by default the solutions. They say again and again and again and again, until you are completely distracted with what they say, that the trillions in debt are due to entitlements for the spoiled citizens that depend on Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid, evil public employees, education, and things like food stamps. They even talked about Planned Parenthood.

If those are the causes for the trillions in debt then the obvious solution is that the American people must make serious choices about spending and make sacrifices to bring down the debt and control spending and Congress, the heroes, are going to do just that.

Again have you noticed the messaging? Have you noticed what is not in the messaging? The wars. Have you noticed the messaging about tax cuts for the uber rich and the wealthiest corporations?  Have you noticed the messaging regarding subsidies and tax breaks for the wealthiest corporations? “We have a spending problem; not a revenue problem” they say.  In times of 4 wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and God knows where else) we give tax cuts, subsidies and tax breaks and we don’t have a revenue problem!

So not the wars, not the subsidies, tax cuts or tax breaks are to blame for the trillions in debt and deficit spending while we are in four wars!  That’s because you, I, we the people are going to pay for it while they all profit from it all

Funding the wars is not even in the debate. While everyone is supposedly concerned about spending and the debt, just recently the newly elected so called “Tea Party” candidates all voted, with the exception of 8, to continue funding these wars.  They did this with one vote and then distracted us by voting to cut the ridiculous funding of Planned Parenthood! Go Tea Party! Don’t you feel like you accomplished something now? Look at how seriously they are taking you!

The Tea Party just got clobbered with the 2011 budget! What about that debt ceiling? The Tea Party is going to get kicked in the teeth with the whole “balanced budget” amendment because Congress continues to fund the wars! 

When tax cuts for the wealthiest, subsidies for oligarchies like oil and gas companies and tax brakes for the biggest military industrial complex corporations including the banks, are talked about, the message is that those are okay because they will spur job creation. In this economy they say we can’t make them pay. As if this horrid recession has done anything to affect their record breaking billion dollar profits they have made on the backs of the American people! The banks, the oil companies and the military industrial complex are laughing all the way to their off shore banks with buckets of OUR freaking money!

In sum, those that can and do buy the whole of Congress are all exempt from the trillion dollars in debt and the continued spending. It is flabbergasting what Congress is doing and their level of corruption. They have the audacity to come to town hall meetings and speak about their budgets to sell us the oligarch budgets like a pair of Nikes! We the people must let Congress, the President and oligarch CORPORATE media know that we are not buying their messaging and they are not selling us more pillaging and rape They are though with brainwashing us. We must send them our message and shut them up!

On a more troubling level, do you know what all of this means? It means that the United States is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy, a plutocracy where the government serves a select few and laws, the budget and spending are passed and decided to take from us to give to them.

Congress is a whorehouse that serves the oligarchs, the pimps that profit from eternal wars. Oligarch CORPORATE media is part of the oligarchy. They protect the profits from the war spending. They give us all kinds of excuses for the debt and the deficit; pitting Republicans against Democrats and dividing us all. They will not end the gravy train for their fellow oligarch CORPORATE pimps, unless we the people, regardless of party, unite.

We have to stop this. We have to start by letting them know that we are not fooled and we do not accept their propaganda. Remember that oligarch CORPORATE media is not a free press. The United States is an oligarchy and CORPORATE media exists to protect that, their form of government. Oligarch CORPORATE media’s sole purpose is to make sure the corporations of the United Oligarchies of America like the military industrial complex, the banks, health insurance and drug companies and oil and gas companies continue to take our money to fight their wars for profit, price gouge us at the gas pump and all manner of pillaging the American people and Congress’ sole purpose is to take from us to give to them.

Haven’t you noticed? In your heart don’t you know it already? Our problem is not a Democrat/liberal problem, conservative/Republican or Tea Party problem. Our problem is a corruption problem in a country with elected leaders, on their knees giving blow jobs to an oligarchy, a ruling class. The United State has become the Land of Kings; the land of corporate Kings and we vote the whores into office and once they get there they serve the highest bidder. 

The politician from the other party is not going to solve anything. If you vote
Republican it will be the same and if you vote Democrat it will be the same. You know it! You are confused, bewildered and disappointed every election cycle. You know it!

This website is to post letters that you can copy, sign and send to Congress and the motor mouths in oligarch CORPORATE media to make sure they get our message instead of giving us their message.

Don’t let them think you are fooled or distracted by arguing their messaging. Let us all unite with one message: they are corrupt whores that are not serious about spending or the debt unless they stop funding these wars and passing a budget and laws that take from us to give to their pimps  

Is it too much to ask that you write to your politicians and the motor mouths in oligarch CORPORATE media? Is it too much to leave your partisan politics aside and unite against those the corruption that has ended a government of, for and by the people? Go to the letters by title page and send one of send them all to your representatives. (See the contacts page) Pass this on to others. Unite with one overwhelming message to Congress: “we are fighting against your corruption”.

The government of the United States does not represent the American people. Congress does not represent the people. It represents the oligarchs. The way campaign finance and elections are structured, the American people cannot take back their government by voting. A once proud and free people have been reduced to serfdom.

Could it be that the only place the American sheeple are willing to fight for their country or send their loved ones to fight for their country is on foreign soil where the oligarchs tell them to go and fight? Could it be that you are willing to pay for those wars but won’t don’t anything to support fighting for your country when your country is under attack from within? Are the people of these United States just lambs for lions?

Make no mistake: this is a battlefield. Do your part and fight.

Our Right to Know

PS. Could it be that you are about to move on to another website or get up and resume whatever mundane activity you think you must do as if this were not your problem? Then read AWOL.

What would you think of a soldier that abandons the fight and leaves the others on the battlefield possibly to die? Look in the mirror. Is that you? The American people get the government they deserve. We are getting the government we deserve. You are getting the government you deserve if you leave others to fight without you in the battlefield.

Make no mistake only we the people can stop this and it starts with you. Without you we are weak. Without you in the fight we lose the ability to control our government. If you run, we the people lose. We lose our country, our freedoms, our  money, our property and a government of, for and by the people. We are left to die. 

There is always a reason to leave it up to someone else. Cowards and idiots always have their reasons.

If you are here already I know that is not you and I am just going to make it easier. Go to the letters by title page and send one or send them all to your representatives. (See the contacts page) Pass this on to others. Unite with one overwhelming message to Congress: “we are fighting against your corruption so defund the wars”!

We WILL NOT discuss anything else about the budget and the debt unless they stop funding these wars, FIRST!