Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pimps and Whores

As our debt rises to 14 trillion dollars and the deficit only promises to increase that debt,  I look on in disbelief at a Congress, regardless of party or who is in charge, incapable of resolving the out of control spending, or as I call it, the pillaging of the American people. What is it about these people that makes it so impossible for them to balance a budget and collect revenues needed to pay down our debt? What is it about these people that they cannot legislate for the well being of the people? What is it about these people that they put this Nation and its people continuously at risk and enact laws that seemingly just make everything worse?
Is it rocket science that subsidies to companies like Exxon mobile who paid zero taxes last year are a gross give away in a time when we have to pay down our debt? Is it rocket science that now is not the time to give tax breaks to the richest in this country? Is it rocket science that Wall Street should not be able to “fix” the price of gas or food?  Is it rocket science that we cannot afford to go to war with Libya? Is it rocket science to know that if you subsidize health care policies, with a freaking mandate, no less,  the prices of those policies would go through the roof?
I have a zillion of those same questions and a zillion times I have the same answer. No,  it is not rocket science. None of it is if you are not corrupt. Congress has legalized bribery by enacting campaign finance laws that make buying and bribing a politician legal. Politicians work for the highest bidder. We the people cannot compete with the massive amounts of money corporations and the richest in this country give to politicians legally.
It occurs to me that our government is no longer one of elected politicians representing the people that voted for them, but instead serving pimps, which of course makes them whores. Our problem is not the Republicans or the Democrats and now the Tea Party. Our problem is corruption. We have whores in Congress and whores can’t think beyond their own greed and self serving interests.
The onslaught of deceit, immorality, degradation, corruption, power grab, partisanship and greed on the American people by its elected leaders is without remorse or mercy of any kind. The American people are powerless as they observe appalled and their voices are silenced or distorted. To be exposed to the present day governance in these United States is to run a gauntlet of disbelief, disappointment, confusion, powerlessness and ultimately, utter and complete rage and disgust.
Our Right to

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