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Letter to Your Senator or Representative May 2, 2011 Re: War Spending 2012 Budgets

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May 2, 2011

Dear Senator:

On a Sunday, May 1, 2011 the Commander in Chief of the United States of America, President Barack Hussein Obama, announced to the entire nation and the world that Osama Bin Laden was dead. One would think that if Bin Laden was killed the United States would declare “mission accomplished” and bring our troops home. That is the last thing we have been hearing from oligarch media and the politicians that mimic their message. Have you heard? Killing Bin Laden means we will be attacked again. The stage is being set for another terrorist attack and probably years and years of more wars. Instead of oligarch media calling for the end to the war in Afghanistan, they are calling for the American people to double down on paying for even more war. If that is the message from oligarch media that will be the message from corrupt politicians in Congress who serves the oligarchs.
Before May1st, the issue of debt and deficits was front and center in the news. I am very upset because the budgets from both parties for 2012 continue to fund the wars and give tax cuts to the war profiteers on the backs of the American people. Neither budget does a damn thing to stop spending because they all fund the wars. Not content with the taxes Congress is pillaging from us to give to the oligarchs they serve, they have “borrowed” from Social Security too! The American people, your constituents, especially me, are waking up to that fact.
It is heartbreaking! Over the past quarter century, $2 trillion in Social Security and Medicare surplus revenues have been used to finance wars and pork-barrel projects of the US government. The information comes from Paul Craig Roberts who worked for President Reagan. He is the Republican’s and CORPORATE media’s favorite president and this guy worked for him! The whole article is here:
While politicians and oligarch media continue to harp on the whole Medicare issue from Paul Ryan’s budget, in your town hall meetings and your newsletters “debating” the 2012 budgets, we want to hear the truth. The truth! Both these budgets continue to fund the oligarch wars and Congress continues to take from us to give to them, the war profiteers, even after Bin Laden is dead! Stop funding these wars especially since Bin Laden is dead! That is all we want to hear!
Fox News’ and all media outlets who are the protectors of oligarch war profiteering, have one hell of a propaganda campaign to cover up the funding taken from Social Security and Medicare for these wars of aggression. They have PR just to convince the American people that entitlements are to blame and we have to cut them. Just like they sold us the wars, they are selling like a pair of Nikes, the destruction of Medicare and Social Security.
“Once we are rid of these leeches, we can really fight wars. And show people who is boss. Republicans regard Social Security as an “unfunded liability,” that is, a giveaway that is interfering with our war-making ability. Alas, Social Security is an unfunded liability, because all the money working people put into it was stolen by Republicans and Democrats in order to pay for wars and bailouts for mega-rich bankers like Goldman Sachs”.
In addition, on the Sunday news shows Paul Ryan said that in order to raise the debt ceiling he wants to “Get a handle on future borrowing”. Previously John Boehner stated that there will be no raise to the debt ceiling unless something “big” is attached to it.
On both counts the only thing that anyone can do that is both “serious”, “big” and “gets a handle on future borrowing” is to stop funding the wars and the American  Empire all over the planet, especially now that Bin Laden is dead. That is the only serious measure anyone can take that will appease the Tea Party, true conservatives, Democrats and Independents.
The very reason the debt ceiling is continuously raised is because of the wars!
Republicans and Teocons are falling short of their promise to the Tea Party to cut spending and will never do it, because they and other corrupt politicians continue to fund the wars, but want to cut funds for Planned Parenthood and Medicare and give tax cuts to the  wealthiest corporations like Lockheed Martin Corp., Northrop Grumman Corp., Boeing Co., Raytheon Co., General Dynamics Corp., General Electric and KBR Inc., the biggest war contractors, amongst others? Do they or you for that matter think we are brain dead?
Everyone in Congress keeps saying we have to get “spending under control”. No one in Congress can do that because their corruption continues to fund these eternal wars. Now, it seems Congress with oligarch media is preparing to make taxpayers double down on paying for eternal wars. There is no doubt in my mind that another terrorist attack is in the works to give Congress cover to continue pillaging us to give to the war profiteers. Please do what majority of all Americans want and what makes sense. Do your part to stop funding the highest bidders, the oligarchs that have put us into this mess. Stop funding the multiple wars we are in.
Do your part to stop stealing our democracy by continuing to serve the oligarchies that have bought the whole of Congress! The American people are waking up to the fact that there is no difference between Democrats or Republicans. Politicians from both parties are all bipartisan when it comes to corruption. They are bipartisan when it comes to giving to the banks, the health insurance and drug companies, the oil and gas companies and the military industrial complex.  
They are all bipartisan when it comes to taking from us and giving to them! They are all bipartisan when it comes to sending our troops to die in eternal wars and then making the masses pay for it!  What about you?
I hope you have the courage to do what needs to be done to stop stealing from the American people to give to the oligarchy that Congress treasonously serves.
In closing please add me to your newsletter list and I ask with utter sadness and rage: How could anyone betray our democracy in favor of an oligarchy? How could anyone be so cowardly and so corrupt?  You must save this country and you must save a government of, for and by the people.
Please, please stop funding the wars in the 2012 budget and  stop stealing from us to give to them. The American people are dangerously fed up with the corruption in Congress. Can’t you feel it?

Most sincerely,

Matt Reynolds

PS. The government of the
United States does not represent the American people. It represents the oligarchs. The way campaign finance and elections are structured, the American people cannot take back their government by voting. A once proud and free people have been reduced to serfdom thanks to a corrupt Congress that serves oligarchs.

This open letter to you can be found for all to see, copy and send to their “representatives” in Congress, here:


Go to the letters by title page and send one or send them all to your representatives. (See the contacts page) Pass this on to others. Unite with one overwhelming message to Congress: “we are fighting against your corruption so defund the wars” especially now that Bin Laden is dead!

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